Monday, February 11, 2013

Sesame Street Party invites

My little bug is 2 now! Time flies. I'll be doing a few posts on his birthday party. I hope you can get some ideas for your little ones party.

My little bug loves to watch TV. Don't worry I limit how much he watches. I don't just stick him in front of a TV all day. Some of his favorite shows are Blue's Clues, Curious George, and Sesame Street. I decided to go with a Sesame Street Birthday Party. I thought it would be the most fun and more people would get it. Not many people do Curious George.

So here are the invites I did for a 2 year old Sesame Street Party.
I found a printable online. However it was just a picture not an actual source. I just saved the picture to my computer and added the information using

What Sesame Street Party wouldn't be complete with out the party being brought to you by a number and letter? R for Ryder and 2 for 2 years old!

On his Birthday morning I took him and did a photo shoot. The boy wouldn't look at me! I'll post some other ones later. This one was playing with the R and 2!

You can find the overview post and the Sesame Street Themed games here.

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