Monday, February 18, 2013

Sesame Street Party

I just threw a Sesame Street Birthday Party for my 2 year old! He's getting so big. He had the time of his life. Unfortunately I didn't get the best pictures as usual. Here is the problem with planning parties I'm finding. Only I know what is going on so I have to do everything and I don't think about things like pictures when I'm doing a billion other things. No matter what, I never have enough done before hand.

So here are some pictures from the party. Hopefully I can explain enough without the pictures. This is the overview. I'll do a couple of more specific posts.

***Update- You can see games here.

First off the invites. I already did a post on those to kind of kick off this series of posts. You can see the invites here. We sent out about 25. At the party there ended up being around 20 adults and 15 kids.

Above is the food table. We had a bunch of snack foods (although it might have been cheaper to just get pizza). We served Goldfish, Telly's Triangles (Doritos), Pretzles, Veggie Cups, ABC Shortbread Cookies (you can buy them at Dollartree, but I couldn't find them online to link to). We also had a gumball machine that had M&M's in them. It was a huge hit! The kids loved being able to get them all by themselves. Adam & Eve juice boxes have Sesame Street Characters on them. Then water bottles with Sesame Street Lables. Thank you to printable party shop for having the free printable! They have a ton of awesome printables that I wish I had discovered earlier.

I decided to make the cupcakes. I first I wanted to make the hardcore cupcakes that look like that character's faces, but shortly realized I wanted a faster, cheaper option. I considered buying them from Sams Club. They had 30 cupcakes with Elmo rings for $15. But I thought I would need more than 30 cupcakes and I didn't want just Elmo rings. So I did research online. Finally I decided on purchasing the rings from Treasured Birthdays. The rings were less than $3 before shipping for 12. I bought 2 packs, but didn't even open one of them.

The mix and frosting I had on hand as well as the cupcake liners. I did buy a pack of liners and flag toppers from Dollartree. I put them on the cupcakes without rings and the kids seemed to like those better than the rings.

I do have to note that the cream cheese frosting did not hold up as well. As you can see it looks like it's melting. So I would not recommend that. The whipped frosting worked great.

We didn't do much as far as decorating went. We had the balloons (all bought at Dollartree) on the food table and tissue pom poms hanging (see picture above). We also had Colored Star balloons leading to the side of our house to help guests know where to go.

A fun touch that we added was a Sesame Street Scene Setter. This was fun. My plan was to have it up and use it as a photo booth background. But I forgot to announce it until the end and no one was really into it. Also, the location was bad. The canopy that we have over the food cast a shadow over half of the background. (I originally wanted it inside and the food also, but changed plans last minute I wish I would have went with my instinct). My plan was to send out everyone's pictures as a Thank You card.

Happy Birthday Ryder!

Check back next week for more details about games and favors etc.


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