Monday, February 4, 2013

Painting with Cars

(This weekend was my little bug's Birthday / Party so I'm pretty wiped out. Luckily I've had this in my drafts so you still get a post today. Check back next week for the party details)

I know this idea has been around forever, I'm not inventing the wheel here. I just want to share how easy it is and well worth it! A few weeks ago I was watching my Nephew. It was the first time it was just him. I've usually had his older sister too. So I wanted to do something fun and BOY! He really enjoyed it and so did my little bug! We painted with cars!

Paint (I just did acrylic)
Cars (I didn't want to use our nice cars, so I bought a pack at DollarTree just for painting with [3 for $1])
Paper (just used plain copy paper)
We had aprons on just in case
Also we had a clear cloth down to protect the table. That was back when I wanted to keep the table clean. Now I realize it's his art table let him have fun with it. It is now colored in crayon.

Just let the kids dip and drive on their paper. It looks pretty cool and the kids loved it!

 What is your favorite thing to let kids paint with?
Want another idea, see the post of painting with lettuce.


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  1. My library class painted with pasta brooms. It was really easy to make (especially for 20 kids) and it provided for a unique art sampling. You can see the results on my blog!


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