Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lettuce Stamping

I know this isn't a new concept, but hopefully if you run across this it may remind you and you can try this with your little one(s). My little bug really enjoyed it!

Today while making lunch I was cutting up lettuce and saw the stub and thought we should do some stamping. I've been wanting to do more "arts and crafts" so this was perfect. Besides instead of just throwing it away, why not play with it first.

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 What you need you most likely have on hand.
- Lettuce stub
-Paper (We did construction because believe it or not we don't have copy paper)
-paper plate is handy
- And I use a apron to help contain some of the mess (We got ours from Lowes, Thanks Iffy for taking him!)

 Even though he looks bored in this picture he really did have a lot of fun! This picture is for his Cousin Emma, she was finally adopted into the family today!


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