Friday, August 31, 2012

Burlap Banner

I cannot wait for Fall! I may or may not have gotten some of my fall decorations out today. I have made my first fall craft of the year and I'll share it with you today. I made a Burlap Banner!
I've been wanting to make something with Burlap for awhile now, but never knew what. Burlap seems so fall-ish to me so I thought a banner that said "fall" was perfect. Here is what you need to make your own.

Rotary cutter or scissors
Glue Gun

1. Cut
 My stencil were pretty small, but I liked the small look, especially since it was my first time. I didn't want to do something big and it not turn out right. So I cut my pieces to 3 x 3.5

I decided I wanted a blank piece on each end. I wanted it to be the flag shape.

To do this, fold your piece in half and cut going down away from the fold.
I couldn't figure out how to add an arrow. But if I had it folded like above, I'd cut about an inch from edge going down from left to right. Hoping that makes sense or you can at least figure it out. 

It should look like this.

2. Paint 
Just center your stencil and dab paint on. Make sure you have something underneath, it will leak because it is a holy material.
 3. Glue

 (No picture). I just laid out how I wanted it and hot glued the twine on. Make sure you got it the right way if you lay your pieces upside down to glue you want the letters in reverse order. Yes, I'll admit my first time I did it they were backwards.

4. Dry

5. Hang! 
Alright Fall I'm ready for you!

I have also done this for the Bridal Shower I threw for my friend. I made it saying her new last name. You can see that banner here. So many options of what to have it say!


Partying it up!

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