Monday, August 27, 2012

Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach costumes

To kick start fall posts I thought I'd start with our Halloween Costumes from last year. We were Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach.

I like trying to avoid store bought costumes. It is so much fun to throw together yourself and sometimes cheaper. Here is how we made them. Goodwill was our friend:)

Mario: We found a pair of NEW overalls at Goodwood for $1.50! Also the red shirt. The hat is an Elmo hat we bought at a kid resell store. We made the buttons on the overalls out of yellow felt, we just taped them on and they stayed pretty well. The "M" symbol on his hat is made from felt. My husband just drew it and cut it out. The mustache was drawn on with eye liner. I think we ended up buying costume make up for Halloween, this picture was taken at a Neighborhood carnival a few days before the 31st.

Luigi- Basically the same as Mario. We found the overalls at Savers and a green dress shirt and hat at Goodwill. For his 'stache we used felt and taped it on with double sided tape. It stayed on ok. It did come off a few times. It got pretty sweaty...

Princess Peach- The dress was my PROM dress from High School. It didn't quite fit still hence the jacket (It's not zipped up all the way) also the sleeves aren't very modest. The pendant on the chest was made with felt as well as the crown. You also can't see it in this picture, but I had blue felt earrings taped to my ears.

Treat bucket- I loved this and everyone thought it was the perfect touch! I just found a square box and covered it with yellow construction paper. I then drew out a question mark on white paper, cut and glued. I attached a handle from ribbon.

Everyone loved our costumes! It was a great First Halloween for Ryder! How do you think we did?
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Something fun to consider. Ryder was only 10 months old for Halloween, obviously too young for candy (But he wanted it!). We saved all of his candy and used it in the favors for his Birthday Party 2 months later.

Want more Fall/ Halloween ideas,  follow me! I have a few different projects lined up:)


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