Monday, May 21, 2012

Homemade Glue Dots

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As promised here is the tutorial for homemade glue dots! They are super easy and way cheaper than the store bought stuff. They run for around $4 for 200-350 depending on what size you get. I would always go skimpy on them because they cost so much. Not anymore! I use glue dots like there is no tomorrow!

I first saw this idea through Pinterest about CardMonkey's Paper Jungle's post on making glue dots. Here she tested 2 different kinds of glue to see which worked better. I decided to just try one. Here is what you need. 

Something you put your glue dots on. I used the leftover paper from past glue dots. Once I saw the idea I knew that I had to try it! So I started saving my paper. Other ideas are transparencies and CD cases. However I like the strip idea because others seem like it would be harder to place the glue dot exactly where you want it.

A weight or tape so your paper will lay flat. I used little marble things. If you did the transparencies or CD case you would not need this.

Aleene's  brand tack it over and over glue. 
The only place I found this at was Michael's for around $4 I think. Don't forget your coupon!

Once you have the supplies gathered it will take you no time at all to make them. I made 35 for this post and it took me like 1 full minute (I should have got a stopwatch out.)

So first thing is lay out your paper and place the weights or tape on the ends to keep it from rolling up.

Next add your glue in whatever size you desire. I like to have a little variety. I'll do a strip of larger ones and then smaller ones. Try not to go to skimpy on the glue. It is harder to come off. However at the same time it doesn't take a whole lot.

 Glue dots are my favorite thing for adding ribbon to my crafts. I like to make a few lines with the glue so it can cover a good chunk of ribbon to hold it in place better. 
 Depending on how thick you make them the drying time will vary. It usually takes mine a few hours. To be safe. Make them right before bed and let them dry over night. When you wake up the next morning you will have a plethera of glue dots waiting to help you create something wonderful!

Not only are these cheap, but they work really well. I will never go back to using the store bought stuff! I'm going to try keeping track of how many I make to see how much you really get from one bottle. 

(So far the count is at about 500 glue dots)



  1. Great job, and thank you for the shout-out. I do think you're right that re-using the paper from the original glue dots is the best idea, in terms of removability (is that a word?!). How's this: ease of use of the glue dot in the future! I've put mine on transparencies and I usually cut them out in little squares that I keep all mixed up in a box. Then I just reach out and pull the ones I want to use. They're pretty strong, I think. Anyhow, thanks for giving it a whirl.

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  2. So far it has worked great! Thank you for giving me the idea.

  3. Are they repositionable using that glue or do things stay put pretty well?

  4. The stick pretty well. I like them better because if you put something on crooked it's easy to pull off and re-do. With store bought sometimes it's hard to move it if you need to without bending/ ripping the paper. Hope it helps!


  5. I like that they can be re-positioned, but will they stay stuck? I make cards and don't want them to come apart after a while. Thanks!

  6. Hi Kathy. I use mine mostly for card making. I've never had a problem with them coming apart. Once they are on there pretty good they hold. I hope you give them a try and let me know what you think. Good luck!


  7. WOW what a great idea. Thank you so much!

  8. Yeah! Got to do this! Thanks for sharing! I've got wax paper on a roll that should do for putting them on too.

  9. Viv, I don't think wax paper would work. If I were you I would try a small amount and see how well it works. I used something similar to wax paper the first time I did it and it was very hard to come off. Try a little first so none is wasted.

    Good luck!


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