Friday, January 11, 2013

New Years: Blogging

Today is day five for my New Year goals and the final day. I'm already thinking I took on too much. That's why I need your support! If you are just joining my New Years Goals you can start here.

Today's goal I'm sharing is blogging. You may have noticed I've been slacking lately. Well this year that is about to change! How? I'm taking things slow. I'm having an official blogging day once a week so you should see at least one blog post every Monday! Something to kick off the week. Every once in awhile there will be some extra posts thrown in there. But for now I'm keeping it simple and once i've mastered that I'll kick it up a notch!

In addition to more blog posts with recipes and crafts and what not, I want to host my first giveaway! Also possibly starting a linky party (need to research that more) once a month.

Not only do I have Crafts By CJ, I also have a personal blog with my families fun stuff. I haven't updated that in awhile. It's sad to think of that. It is a journal for my family that I never write in. So I'll be doing that once a week as well to give updates on the family.

I'm hoping you will enjoy my posts in 2013, it's going to be a good year!


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