Monday, January 7, 2013

New Years Goals: Food Storage

This is goal #1! If you missed the intro you can start here.

I don't know about you, but I am really pumped about Food Storage lately. I just feel so strongly that it is something that we need to have. I'm not saying go out and spend thousands of dollars. Start small. Work on a 3 month supply and then build to 6 and then 12 month.

Our goal is to spend $20 bucks a month towards our food storage. Most of it will be going to the LDS Cannery and working there. It is the cheapest around because you don't pay labor costs. You do the labor. It's pretty fun to do.

I have a whole outline/ schedule of my plans this year of what I'll purchase. Ex. For January I'm getting 5 cans of canned ground beef and a 2 pack container of propane tanks from Walmart. This costs me around $16.50. Then I take the remaining $3.50 and save it for a month when I'm spending more than the $20 limit.

Now if you are like the 2012 me you have food storage, but not quite sure what you have. We recently went through all the stuff we inherited and threw away what was expired and organized what was left and recorded it.

Then I made a cool little spreadsheet. I'm hoping you can edit this to fit your family without me losing my original and everyone else seeing what the last person did to it. Make sure you type in the amount in your family in column B2. The amounts I got from the website. I did not factor in kids because a lot of the Food Storage lasts 30 years so kids will be adults before it expires so I'm counting my almost 2 year old as an adult since he'll be 32 when this stuff expires.

Some stuff isn't on here, like meats. Also, I lumped all my beans into a generic category, I don't think I'll be purchasing lima beans etc.

Hope this helps!

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