Thursday, November 8, 2012

Puppy Party: Activities

This is post #4 about my little Bug's 1st birthday party. 

What is a party without some activities? 

The first activity we did was pass the toy. I didn't get any pictures of this game but basically it was like hot potato except with a dog toy. I was originally going to get dog songs to play, but well you know how it goes, put it off until it's too late. We just played whatever music I had on my phone because our stereo wouldn't play load enough. The puppies had fun squeaking the toy.

Next we did an obstacle course to see who was "best in show". There were some good puppies at our doghouse. This was the course...
First I threw a ball and they had to fetch it and bring it back to me.

Then they ran around the rings that were on the floor, this step was usually missed by the younger kids.

Next they had to jump through the hula hoop.

Then go down the slide...
 So much fun!

Lastly, they had to chase the cat. (It was just a Frisbee that had a picture of a cat on it.)
(Uncle Kyle, what a good sport!)

When the puppies were finished they got a doggie treat for finishing. I made the treats using sugar cookies in a bone shape.

The puppies were so patient waiting for their turn.

And the adults had so much fun watching!

 We also did tug of war... 

The puppies also played Bingo. I couldn't find any premade dog themed bingo cards to print online, but I found a website that you can print blank Bingo cards from.

This was a lot of work and the kids didn't care that much. If I could go back in time I wouldn't have spent so much time on this. But since I didn't know and in case you have Bingo lovers here is how I made my own Bingo cards.

All I did was Print the blank Bingo Cards from online. Then I found images on google, stamps I had, and paper, I printed those out and cut them into squares. Then I put scrapbooking photo squares on the Bingo card for the pictures to stick I gave the kids their board and the pictures and they were able to create their own board. This saved me time because I didn't have to come up with 20 different Bingo boards.

The activites were really nice and better yet, CHEAP! All I really bought was the cookie cutter for the doggie treats. Everything else was stuff that I already bought.

Cost for activities
Bone shape cookie cutter= $.50 (Hobby Lobby with coupon)
Sugar Cookies= $0 OOP I had everything on hand
Bingo Game= $2 (roughly)


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