Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Puppy Party: Invitations

My little bug turned 1! I am still in shock, I don't know what to think. Like 6 months ago or so The Hubs and I decided to get our Bug a dog for his birthday, so going with that I started planning a puppy themed birthday party. Well we ended up getting 2 golden labs for free a few months later, but I kept with the theme.
This is a few days after we got them. (Tonka and Ella)
 More recently
 Isn't Tonka just the cutest!

Sorry back to the party...
Once the theme was decided I started thinking of what colors I wanted to have. What better kid  colors are there than Blue, red and yellow??? ( this was also during our Smallville watching days so maybe I was influenced)

So I took the idea from the Barnyard invite I did for my Sister's baby shower, 

This is what I came up with for Ryder's Puppy Party

To make these you need yellow, red and blue cardstock. I purchased mine at Joanns when they were on sale for $.16 each.

I first cut the yellow cardstock down to 5x6.5 pieces. (if you use the 8.5x11in size you get 2 from a sheet)
Then I made a template by cutting the "roof" at an angle. The scrap that I cut off I then used for the other invites. I would trace it and then cut.
I then cut the red cardstock for the roof. These pieces were .5x4 inches.
I typed up the saying in red ink, printed and cut.
Then I glued my saying to blue cardstock and cut around it using my paper cutter.
Glue together.
I then added a nameplate to the dog house with each child's name. For invites that were going to more that one child I put the families last name.

I ended up making around 20 of these.
Cost was around $2 bucks for all 20 invites. This does not include envelopes because I already had some leftover from something else. Not a bad price.

My little bug always likes to help me with whatever I do. I had a hard time just trying to get a picture of the invite. 

He is so excited for his puppy birthday party!!!

What do you think of the invites? Check back soon to see more on this party. Be sure to follow so you are up to date on all of our posts! I love some comment love:)


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  1. Wonderful puppy invitation! I like the idea to be made from puppy's house.


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