Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Puppy Party: Decorations

This is post number 2 for my little bugs 1st Birthday. 

This post is going to focus on the decorations that we used. The theme was a puppy/dog theme and I wanted the kids to get that feel as soon as they came.

In our carport we laid out paw prints out of red, blue, and yellow paper that I die cut at the nearby scrapbook store.  It was a nice touch and showed that the party was in the backyard and not the front door.

The guests would then see this sign.
The "Big Dogs" entered just though our side gate. The "Puppies" went through our laundry room.

They went through the doggie door. Here is my Niece posing for me. She had so much fun!

When the puppies came out of the laundry room there were red and blue steamers overhead. We just hung streamers from our gutter to the brick wall. I though it was a nice touch and added some color.

Here is the food table. Instead of using a table cloth I used wrapping paper purchased from DollarTree. It was perfect, it had dogs with party hats on and the colors matched too!
Some of the food was in dog dishes purchased from the DollarTree. The kids thought it was so much fun! They don't break the bank either. 

For the baby shower I had with Ryder someone had given me this puppy stuffed animal (I think she may have made it- amazing!) The dog is sitting on a homemade cake stand. To make the stand all I did was take a can on veggies from our pantry, tape a scrap of paper to it. Then set a stove top cover on it. It was simple and added height to the table. The best part is that is was temporary and easy to customize.

Another decoration I made was a sign to go on Ryder's high chair. I die cut all of this out at the scrapbooks store. I just weaved red ribbon through the holes and tied a bow. It will be perfect to use when Scrapbooking his birthday pictures too!
We also had balloons. I bought 2 Mylar balloons from that had a dog on it. My Brother and Sis-in-law provided the latex balloons that had 1s on them. It was so nice of them and one less thing to worry about on the big day!

We didn't do much decorating, but I am very pleased with the results of what we did do. 
Check back in a couple of days to see what puppy food we had.

Cost for decorations:
Dog house= $0
Streamers= $.97
Balloons= $2
Dog Dishes=$2
Wrapping paper for tables=$3 (covered 4 tables)
High Chair Sign=$1 (Hard to say because I used the paper for everything and for the die cutting time I did tons of other stuff)


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