Monday, October 1, 2012

Color Sorting

HAPPY OCTOBER! (This means I can put up Halloween decorations now right?)

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was fun. As usual my laid back Saturday turned out pretty busy.

My little bug is getting really good at matching things up. So I decided to make him a sorting tray. I picked up a serving tray last weekend from Goodwill for $.50 on half price day. I was going to paint each compartment, but using paper was much easier, faster, and this way I can switch them out for different colors.

 So far we have only sorted pop poms, but he loves it! He doesn't quite make it through all of the balls, but he gets enough to go through a few of each color! He loves Blue and that is the only color he says. Everything is BLUE!
I hope this gives you an idea to do with your little one. You don't even need a tray. just paper would work. I've done this with Egg cartons and plastic Easter eggs before too!


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