Thursday, October 18, 2012

Puppy Party- Doggie Bags

This is post #5 on my little bugs 1st Birthday Party. Scroll to the bottom for links to the other posts.

This will be the last post. It was so much fun to see how it turned out in pictures it was a lot of fun and not as much work as I was worried it would be. 

This post is for the Doggie Bags, loot bags, treat bags, prizes, whatever you want to call them. With it being a Puppy Party, doggie bag fit perfectly.

I just used the white lunch sacks and decorated them. I actually had these on hand from my Nephew's birthday party. I just decorated them with a strip of yellow paper with paw prints stamped on it. I die cut some dogs and wrote each kids name on it. Then added a collar out of ribbon. I like how these turned out.

Each bag was filled with little treasures and didn't cost very much.
Candy (saved from Halloween)
Mini Frisbee
A baggie of Kanine Krunchies
2 dog stickers
3 pack of Crayons (red, yellow, blue)
Dog  coloring book

For the coloring book I just Googled some images and enlarged them. Then cut the pages in half and made into a little book.

I attached the pages together with a star eyelett that I was happy to use. I bought these a long time ago from Michale's but they don't work very well. It was perfect for this little book that would most likely be thrown away after the weekend anyways.

Cost for Doggie Bags:
Bag= $0 Already had on hand
Paper for die cut dogs= $.75
Candy= $0 (Halloween)
Kainine Krunchies= $0 leftover from food
Frisbees= $4 (found most of them on clearance)
Crayons= $0 (From Red Robbin)
Coloring books= $0 (donated by Pampa)
Eyelets= $1.00 a long time ago.

Total Cost for Party= $29.72 So basically $30 give or take. I think it's a pretty good price for a fun day for25+ people

I'm already brainstorming ideas for next year. I have a couple of themes in mind, but don't want to start too early in case he changes his likes and he's not into it anymore. 10 months to go!

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