Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Post transfers

So as some of you may know I used to have a blog with my Sister-in-law Jen and friend Laryssa called ourdiydiaries. I decided I wanted to go my own direction with a blog and we went our separate ways. They are now blissful55.
You may be wondering why I am going over all this... #1 They are awesome and have so much fun stuff on their blog. If you don't already, you should follow them. #2 They are reorganizing their blog and decided to let me move over my posts to my blog. What does that mean to you? Lots of posts coming your way!!! They may be duplicates if you already followed us so don't get annoyed,just put up with it for a little bit! I really appreciate it! I love all my followers and the chance that I have to share my love of crafting and teaching my son with you. Thanks for following! ~CJ

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