Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Puppy Party- FOOD

This is post #3 on Little Bug's 1st Birthday Party. One thing that I always hate about doing posts on parties is I never get all the pictures I want to do a detailed post. I'm seeing now what I should have took pictures of.

For the food we didn't want to do a full on meal because we wanted to keep this party to minimal spending. So we offered a few finger food for party guests.

Here is a list of items we had to eat/drink
Chew Sticks (Carrots)
Kanine Krunchies (Coca Roos)
It's surprising how much it really looks like dog food
Pup Corn (Pop Corn [Not Pictured])
Pup Cakes (Cup Cakes)
Toilet Water (Water Bottles)
The dog bowls for the Kanine Krunchies & chew sticks were the perfect touch and only $1

I made the labels on the computer for the Kanine Krunchies I just googled an image and cleaned it up a little bit in a paint program. For the Toilet Water I made the lables and taped them to the bottles. I loved how it turned out! 
Just beware some kids don't think drinking toilet water is very fun! My Nephew really had a hard time.

I made these pup cake pics. I used paper punches for the shapes and then stamps and ink. Party picks that I had on hand worked perfectly with the colors.

For Ryder's cake we made it bone shaped. To do this we used 3 cupcake. 3 of them were cut in half to form the ends of the bone.

My Little Bug loved it!

Cost for food:
water bottles=$3.50
Lables= $0 paper "donated" by my dad
carrots= $0 (left over from a baby shower)
Kanine Krunchies= $5 (approximately)
Cake=$0 (from my stockpile from my couponing days)
Plates= $2
Napkins= $0 (left over from our Wedding)
Wrapping paper= $3

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