Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Date Jar Ideas

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I made a date jar for my Husband for Father's Day. We both love it. It will be so nice to not have to convince the other to choose what we do for our dates. Plus we'll try new things besides dinner and a movie. To give you some ideas for your own date jar here is a list of the 35 dates I used plus a few others I came up with after I made the jar.

Free Dates
  1. Tempe Town Lake/ Beach Park (This is where he proposed)
  2. Start a sweetheart journal- Love notes back and forth or words of encouragement
  3. Frisbee
  4. Mesa Arts Center- We took our engagement pictures there. It's a fun little place to walk around.
  5. Make homemade ice cream
  6. Wii Night
  7. Watch our wedding video
  8. Update the blog- I usually do this on my own. This would be a post plus updating our about us page.
  9. Stargazing- Especially fun when it's cooler. Bring a blanket and cuddle while watching the stars. 
  10. Walk Main Street- I have actually never done this.
  11. Tennis
  12. Build a fort and watch a movie
  13. Video Date- Video each other telling the story of how we met or some other fun story of your relationship.
  14. Picture @ Date Street- We always wanted to do this, but never have. (There is a street in Mesa named Date Street)
  15. Make Bucket Lists
$20 and under Dates

 16. Ice Skating
 17. Thrift Shopping- Who can buy the nicest thing for $_? Or buy each other a gift for $_.
 18. Dinner in the desert.
 19. Goofy Golfing
 20. Batting Cages
 21. Ikea- I love that store, it's fun to walk around and look at things. Plus they have the little restaurant inside.
 21. Drive inn Movie- We did this a lot when we were dating then it got too hot. Our first (unplanned) date was Drive inn to see Terminator. (Did not like the movie by the way).
 22. Picnic
 23. High School Sports Game
 24. Arcade
 25. Lazer Tag
 26. Bowling- May have to do as a group date. Bowling with 2 people is not as fun.

Expensive dates or takes planning

 27. Heads or tail date- Pick a number, that's how many times you flip a coin- heads, go left tails go right. Wherever you end up that is where you eat. Can do the same thing for an activity. (Turn at intersections, you don't want to end up in a neighborhood, that'd be a little awkward)
 28. Dinner Challenge- Not really sure what I want to do for this one. I was thinking something like Iron Chef or chopped
 29. Staycation- Get a hotel in town. You can spend a little more on activities or dinner because you don't have to factor in gas to travel hours to get away.
 30. Fondue Night- I'd do it ourselves though because places like Melting Pot are expensive and I hear people don't really get full.
 31. Restaurant Hop- Eat appetizer, Entree, and dessert at 3 different restaurants.
 32. Paintball- Would be fun as a group date
 33. Groupon Date- Check Groupon.com that week and choose something to do from there.
 34. As you wish- Make something fun for our home
 35. "Fancy" dinner- Get dressed up and either go out or create your own fancy meal at home.

Those are the ones that I used for the jar. Other ideas I had after the fact is
Dollar Date- Go to Dollar Tree pick out an activity to do. Go to fast food and order off the Dollar/ Value Menu then go to the Dollar Theater.
Minute to win it- Group Date. I want to do this so bad, I loved the show! Looks like so much fun!
Watch the sunset- Easier to get a baby sitter for, or do sunrise in the backyard
Bike ride to park and have a picnic
Make Homemade Pizza
Jester'z Comedy Club
Finger Painting

What are your favorite date ideas. I'd love any suggestions!


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  1. This is such a neat idea. Sure beats sitting around saying, "what do you want to do, I don't know- what do you want to do?"


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