Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Playing with Beans

If you read my my post on activities to do with toddlers you know one of my goals is to have planned activities with Ryder. Planned means I give him something to play with instead of him just finding whatever toys we have.

The other day I really wanted to get the dishes done to surprise My wonderful Hub. He is usually really good about being our dishwasher. To keep Ryder busy I decided to give Ryder something to do off my list.

We have raw beans in our pantry, but we don't ever use them because they take so much time and I'm not really sure how to make them so they taste really good and not just bean taste.
We put them to use and Ryder had a blast. I gave Ryder a metal bowl and a plastic bowl so it'd make different sounds. I also gave him a spoon so he could scoop the beans. Hopefully it'll help him learn to use a spoon while eating:) 

This kept him busy for a good 30 minutes. We had a casualty. Ryder was banging the spoon on one of the bowls and a little chip came out of it.

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