Monday, June 25, 2012

Date Jar

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I've been wanting to create some type of date jar that is cute and we'll actually use. At the moment we have restaurants written on pieces of paper in a jar that we never use. Or we just come up with something on the spot, usually dinner and a movie.

With Father's Day coming up (this post is late) I decided to use this excuse to make one. So in addition to Chase getting gifts from Ryder, I also gave him a gift to show appreciation for him being a great Father! Plus I wanted a reason to make my date jar. Here it is:

I'm very excited about it and can't wait until we need a date idea (which is often)

Want to make your own? This is what you need to make on like mine.

-Popsicle Sticks ($1- DollarTree)
-Mason Jar ($.50- Goodwill)
-Red Paint (On Hand)
- Paint Brush (On Hand)
-Sharpie (On Hand)
-List of great dates! (Check online for great ideas or just be creative and come up with things you and your man will love)
-Paper for your color Key
-Establishments (I just did ribbon)
TOTAL COST= $1.50 
(if you needed to buy everything it'd be probably around $5)

I color coded my dates by breaking them into 3 sections
Yellow= FREE
Orange= $20 or less
Green= Costly or needs planning
I wrote out all my dates on the correct color stick, then I painted one of the ends red. I got this idea from Primary growing up. To choose helpers they would draw Popsicle sticks. Once they had a turn it'd get flipped to the red side until everyone had a turn. I wanted to use the same concept. We can't do a date again until all dates have been done.
I then made a tag for a Key to the colors and some rules. The rules are:
  1. We are allowed to veto one time while drawing. If we pick one out and are not feeling up to it we are allowed to put it back in and choose something else one time.
  2. After the date is completed we can choose to trash the idea or put it back in the jar (red side up) and do again after all of the dates are complete.

Chase really liked this idea and I love it! We both hate choosing what we will do on our dates. Tomorrow I will post my list of dates.

What is great about this is you can incorporate it into something for the kids too. If you do dates with your kids you can make one of these or even just summer activities. They could take turns drawing. So fun!

Do you have a way of determining what you do for a date?
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  1. love this idea my daughter is big on date night and date with the kids this is super cute idea that I will pass on

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