Wednesday, June 27, 2012


4th of July crafts are everywhere! I wanted to come up with a little craft for Ryder and I to do that could be displayed as well. I'm working on a little patriotic "mantle". This is what we came up with. Ryder had so much fun doing it!

I know this is self explanatory and you could figure it out on your own, but just in case here is what I did...

First gather your supplies
Paint- red, white and blue. (my blue was pretty bright so i added some black to tone it down)
I also did some clear glitter paint over the blue 
Paint brush (you'll want 2 or 3 to make it easy)
Your paper
and of course a hand...

Now to get the colors in the right spot you have to get it right. I messed up the first time. You have to think mirror image. Here is how you would paint the hand. Obviously fill in the blanks as much as possible.

I had a "I wasn't thinking moment " and did it on white paper. Didn't work out too well. It looked much better on the brown. 

Frame it and stick where ever you please. I used a cheap frame from Walmart that has been in our closet for  over a year.

It was angled up high and the shelf where it is sitting is tall. To make it less on an angle I places a stone under it to even it out. You can also use a button or a lid from a water bottle.

Here it is on our entertainment center that I use as a mantle. Come back Friday for an easy patriotic vase filler.

Happy 4th of July!


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