Tuesday, June 12, 2012

25 Activities for toddlers

Ryder is starting to get to the fun age of being able to do more complex activities. However, sometimes I feel like we don't do anything all day except just play. Which is fine because he is learning. I want to start setting aside time each day (or every other day depending on how it goes) for an actual planned activity. 

With this new goal in mind I have come up with a list of 25 activities for us to do. 

  1. Fly Swatter Painting- You could even do this with the sidewalk paint and do on the carport.
  2. Finger Painting- Doubles as some new art for the house
  3. Playing with beans- scoop and dump for loads of fun!
  4. shaving cream- If worried your child will eat it do whipped cream?
  5. sidewalk paint- Tons of "recipes" online. Can't wait to try it!
  6. colored ice cubes- You could use in kiddie pool, tub, or just bowls of water. Colder the water the longer they last.
  7. Oil, water & food coloring- Fun to watch
  8. Tin Foil- Let them crinkle it and help them make it into objects. 
  9. Paint with different household objects- Find random things around the house, Q-Tips, water bottles, bread, etc.
  10. Truck painting- The wheels leave cool marks and kids love it! If you are worried about ruining your childs favorite truck DollarTree sells them in like a 6 pack.
  11. vegetable painting- Use potatoes,  celery, you can do fruit too like apples. 
  12. Play with cotton balls- These are a nice soft object. Make sure to have a cotton ball fight!
  13. Sensory Bins- There are tons of ideas out there! I really like this Ocean themed one
  14. Goop- Mix 1lb of Cornstarch with 2C Water, add food coloring if you wish.
  15. Homemade fishing game- Looks like so much fun and so easy!
  16. Paint with water- We've done this one and Ryder loved it! I just gave him a paint brush and a bowl of water and he painted the sidewalk and the wall. 
  17. Mood Sand- mix together 4C sand, 2C cornflour, 1C water
  18. Picnic in the living room- A fun way to eat lunch!
  19. Build a fort and watch a movie- Maybe I can sneak some snuggles!
  20. Pots and Pans Band- Kids love making noise! Gather up some pots and pans and a spoon and let your child create some music!
  21. Jumping squares- Place squares or circles around the room and have him jump or step on them. I'm thinking out of felt. paper to me would slip.
  22. Magnets- And a cookie sheet. He loves doing this!
  23. Body Part Stickers- Pick up some cheap stickers from DollarTree and practice body parts. Have him put the sticker on his nose, ears, head, toes, belly button, etc.
  24. Balance Beam- Outside: draw a line with chalk Inside: use tape to make a line or just tape a piece of ribbon. Have child walk along the line.
  25. Play with Pudding or Jello- Doubles as a snack. YUM!
Have fun!

Do you have any ideas to entertain your kids?


  1. Summertime in my house had reached a point that I am very grateful for a post such as this little beauty! Thanks for the ideas and for helping me not lose my mind! You're wonderful!

  2. Glad you liked it! I'm hoping to come up with another list in a few weeks. If you and your family come up with any ideas I would love to hear about it.


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