Monday, June 4, 2012

Good Will finds 7/2

To me part of being crafty is being thrifty. I hope you agree. Every other Saturday Goodwill does half price days. Almost everything in the store is 50% off! I love it. I can't go everytime, but when I do I find some pretty fun stuff.

When I go to Goodwill I look everywhere because I never know what I will find. Here are some of my buys from this weekend. Pretty excited about some of them.

 Star Wars M7M dispenser- $2 (normal price $10)
I know this is totally nerdy, but we are like that. I originally got it thinking white elephant, but we might just keep this one:)

 Stampin Up punch- $2.50 (Normal Price around $18)
 Basket $1
I got this basket to hold the tons of felt I have picked up for the quiet book I am making. Can't wait to be able to share that. I am also hoping to get into sewing so this can hold fabric.

Baskets $.35 Each
The Hubs and I recently cleaned our office / my craft area. I bought these baskets hoping to be able to use them to corral different items.

Medela Pump & Save bags and Washable nursing pads $1.50 Each (normal price $15 and up)
I am done nursing for now and am not pregnant, but I could NOT pass these up. 
 Fitness ball $3 (normally $15)
Now I don't plan on using this for working out, but Ryder saw this and kept saying "ball, ball, ball." I've been looking for something for him to play with outside so this is our new backyard toy.

Pattern puzzles $1
I thought these would be perfect for our busy bag basket. Even though Ryder is too young for them. They are foam pieces with designs on them and then sheets of paper with patterns. The child is suppose to match the puzzles to the pattern. Sounds fun!

Did you have any luck thrift shopping this weekend?


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